COVID-19 has spread across the globe, sending billions of people into lockdown as health services struggle to cope with the demanding pressures of caring for the community.

This is not how we expected to be spending 2020! The Aspiration Group had numerous events and exciting travel arrangements planned but, sadly and with a heavy heart, these have been cancelled or postponed while life is on hold.

The Aspiration Group are passionate about creating magical experiences for customers, however, the team have been based at home processing cancellations and rebookings.

Whilst rebooking flights to bring customers home, we heard many stories of fellow hotel guests struggling to contact their travel agents or airlines. Is there anything more stressful than being stranded during a pandemic being unable to return home?

One of our customers, who was stranded out in Los Angeles wrote: ‘Thanks to the team at The Aspiration Group for all their help. You have been amazing and supported myself and my family during this worrying time’.

We really appreciate our customers’ feedback and reviews. During the pandemic we have missed our daily contact with our customers, who have become ‘phone friends’ over many years.
The Aspiration Group team are working to help, advise and reassure clients during this time and also looking to help you start planning for later in the year when we are free to travel once more.

Until then – Stay safe!

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