As restrictions begin to ease for many countries, everyone’s thoughts turn towards to the possibility of sun, sand and a sangria on the beach! We must be aware there may be additional things to consider before flying again.

Before you head off for that much needed sun and relaxation, The Aspiration Group team are here to advise and help you feel comfortable with any new travel requirements.

Here are 4 recommendations The Aspiration Group team want you to consider before taking to the skies:

  1. The UK’s government travel advice
  2. Any safety measures and regulations at your destination
  3. What to expect at the airport
  4. Airline safety measures

The UK’s Government travel advice

Before booking your trip to a wonderful destination, check with the government’s travel advice to ensure that leaving the UK is safe. Checking the Foreign & Commonwealth Office wesbite will provide you with the latest information on coronavirus, your safety and security and any travel warnings which may be in place:

Any safety measures at your destination

As well as checking with the UK government’s advice, you must ensure that you study check the border policy of the country you are looking to travel to. Governments across the globe are implementing new schemes and strategies to ensure the safety of their citizens. There may be additional measures such as Coronavirus tests on arrival or even quarantining for a certain time period on arrival.

What to expect at the airport

With the government continuously implementing different schemes for protecting citizens, it may be your airport experience is not how it used to be. For example, some passengers are being asked to arrive earlier than normal due to a decreased number of staff and services working at the airport.

Airline safety measures

It is important to check with your airline to comply with the restrictions they may have implemented; these policies may differ with different airlines. Majority of airlines will require their customers to wear face masks to protect other passengers and airline crew. In addition, in flight food and drink maybe reduced during inflight services. With regards to hygiene, airlines are increasing cleaning and the sanitation of aircrafts with some airlines turning off touchscreen entertainment systems in order to reduce contamination.

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