The Aspiration Group’s Travel App is a visually stunning travel application which brings any trip to life with all the information you need; it is designed to add excitement and insight before and during your trip.

The Aspiration Group’s Travel App is constantly developing and updating features in line with user needs aimed at creating the best possible experience:

  • Push notifications based on time and location enables your travel agent to contact you wherever you are
  • Itinerary and key travel documents loaded as PDF’s available online
  • Real time flight information and alerts
  • Online and offline maps with key locations and points of interests for you to explore
  • Information on local restaurants, pubs, cultural and historical sights plus much more, as recommended by other clients
  • Digital diary to share pictures and comments with friends and family
  • Online quotation tool which allows you to view trip information and pricing before making your final decision
  • Up-to-date weather forecasts
  • All information stored on your device and viewable offline

What are the benefits for using The Aspiration Group’s Travel App?

  • Bring your trip to life before it even begins: view your holiday with excitement as soon as you have booked with beautiful imagery and countdown timer.
  • Live updates in an instant: you can be kept up to date with changes in weather, flights, and reservations through push notifications for stress free travel
  • Everything you need at your fingertips:  access to flights, hotels, itineraries and excursions
  • The Travel App enables you to share your holiday: let your family and friends see what a fabulous time you are having
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