As some of you may have seen on our social media this week, our CEO Naime has been accompanying one of top clients on their company incentive trip to Palma in Majorca. We’ve all been jealous of the pictures, but one reoccurring question has come out of the trip – what’s it like to travel during a global pandemic? Here, Naime gives her first hand account…

It all started with an early rise to the airport. For a flight to Spain, I’d generally allow myself two hours. On this occasion, due to a change in policies and procedures and a little bit of the unknown, I gave myself three hours. The airport was surprisingly busy – admittedly, not as busy as it would be during peak season, but busy considering the nervousness around travel right now. Upon entering the terminal building, a mask had to be worn at all times and your temperature is taken on a camera like device – I walked through and saw that it had registered a reading of 40 degrees. Until I saw that the ladies’ in front of me had read the same (indicating a not very accurate machine!), I didn’t think that I’d be heading to Majorca!

The check in process was nice and easy. Although the flight was completely full, the crowds were controlled and I moved through quite quickly. Trying to talk to the lady behind the check in desk through a screen and whilst wearing a mask wasn’t the easiest, but these things had to be done. Security at the airport was also a little quiet. It seemed busier than usual due to the fact that there weren’t many staff around, but after a a short time, absolutely suffocating with a mask on, I got through!

Many outlets airside still remained closed, despite the skies being open. Weatherspoons seemed to be the most popular choice and ordering was on a contactless app. Fed and watered, it was time to board the flight and this is what surprised me the most. Mask in tact, we started to board a very full flight where social distancing was a none existent concept and every seat was occupied. However, the buzz of getting on a plane again kind of made me forget about everything going on in the world around me.

Two hours later, I arrived in Palma, not actually knowing what to expect. The airport was busy but Majorca take the whole mask thing to a whole different level and you’re literally not allowed to move without having a mask on. On arrival in to the country, my temperature was taken again. Proceeding through security, not one person was without their mask. Not even the transfers were allowed to operate without all travellers having their mask on.

To see clear skies and get that abroad vibe was amazing albeit strange. Again, peak season but quiet. People about but empty shops, restaurants and bars with limited opening times was not really what I expected to see. The hotel was working at a limited capacity of 75% and was busy but with all the right precautionary measures in place – social distancing, hand sanitizers everywhere and screens at places such as reception and the restaurant.

If you’re after what you’d usually expect from being abroad, it’d say be prepared for things being different but would I travel again? Most certainly!

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