Warm weather during Autumn can be a welcome respite from those usual frosty mornings.  While Autumn doesn’t officially start till 23 September, we are experiencing a mild time right now and with a few warmer days recently has prompted us to call this period an Indian Summer. 

The exact origin of the terminology is uncertain, it was perhaps so called because it was noted in regions inhabited by American Indians, or because the Indians first described it to the Europeans.  However, the essence of the saying is a name often used to describe a period of normally calm and warm weather which occurs during autumn.  Typically, the conditions are warm temperatures with dry hazy days.  This is mainly caused by a change in the Jetstream and can last from a few days to over a week.  It can also occur several times before winter sets in for good.

Weather like this is perfect to explore the English countryside, the areas of outstanding natural beauty span the width and length of the British Isles.  But the most difficult thing is to choose where to go.  Lately holidaying in the UK has been thriving for reasons we know why, and this is set to continue.  So, planning is key to ensure you secure the places you want to visit.

The team at The Aspiration Group have been searching for the perfect UK getaway on a regular basis and they have become experts in knowing their own backyard.  Choices are immense from rugged coastline of the western shores to the rolling hills of the peak district.  So much on offer to and it does not stop at natural beauty but also the immense amount of historical building open to the public.



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