Social distancing and keeping within our social bubbles seem to be part of life now. Many of us have embraced this new way and having small dinner parties and events at home are becoming ever more popular.  

These are forming a new social scene which allows many to remain within their designated bubbles and ensuring they continue to have that important human interaction with friends or family that we all crave for and at the same time not exceeding the set guidelines by the government.  However, how can this be easier on you as the host without having to spend hours planning or even standing over a stove.  Ultimately the purpose is to enjoy and spend time with people we want within a safe environment.  

Of course, one way is to do everything virtually.  This method has taken the world by storm and it seems to be working well.  There are many platforms to host a gathering and these can also mean you have more people attend than the recommended guidelines or law restricting the number of people who can be together in one room.  Moving away from the social topic for a moment, The Aspiration Group arranged and still are arranging virtual meetings, seminars and even networking sessions virtually.  Several corporate companies have seen the need to ensure business continues and various platforms as well as forums have taken place where they have been able to conduct their sessions.  Ensuring there is some form of continuity during these difficult times for some firms.  The Aspiration Group have partnered with a few hi-tech companies to bring this to life.  The uptake has been great, and many more enquiries are being generated lately as the lockdown continues.  This has proven to be successful for companies and the feedback has been extremely positive for our clients. 

But nothing beats the joy of people around you, the sound of dinner table chatter and the clicking of glasses.  Having a dinner event at home or in a a special location does not have to mean gathering with hundreds of people but can be intimate enough that you keep within the maximum numbers required for an event.  Whatever the size of your gathering, you can still make it special.  The Aspiration Group has done many of these over the weeks and months and have created memorable moments during unprecedented times. The occasions have ranged from birthdays to merely a dinner party for 6.  One such event recently they catered for was exactly what we say above.  No limitations to what the organiser wanted to enjoy other than the number of people able to attend.  TAG team and partners set to action to decorate the venue beautifully based on the host’s brief, additionally not only was the bar set up but socially distancing himself was the private chef which came in specially for the event.  A personalised menu was created, the decorations complimented the host’s beautiful home and the drinks flowed all evening. The luxurious event was intimate but still allowed the host to enjoy a special evening with friends rather than alone with a takeaway one sofa.

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