While many of us are still grounded and planning where we will travel post pandemic We have listed below some of what we feel are great reads to fuel the wanderlust in us all and maybe even help to create a new bucket list for you?  We have added various books here from real life experiences to some beautiful fictional stories.

Around the World in 80 Days / Jules Verne

This book is the 2nd most translated book since 1979.  The novelist Jules Verne takes on an epic journey around World.  A classic novel following his journeys through exotic and dangerous locations.  A delight to read, humour, excitement and full of fantasy.

The Journey Matters / Jonathan Glancey

Capturing the golden age of travel.  Early 20th century saw the romance and adventure of exploring the World and entering the unknow.  The era was filled with glamour and elegance which still fascinates us to this day, even if we are crammed in an economy seat in a low-cost airline. 

Crazy Rich Asians / Kevin Kwan

If you have not seen the movie then don’t.  Just read this book which is set amongst the extremely wealthy Chinese community of Singapore.  The book is funny and very entertaining.  Covering life in Singapore from the cuisine to the culture.

Hidden Places / Sarah Baxter

You may want to hold off on completing your bucket list till you have read this well illustrated book.  As you find your way through this lovely you will come across underwater ruins in the Pacific, ancient Mayan tails in the middle of jungles or even citadels reached by foot.

The Alchemist / Paulo Coelho

One of the most read books in recent history.  It’s a book about following your dreams and the story itself is about a young shepherd boy’s journey from Spain to Egypt.  As he follows his heart he learns about love and the meaning of life.  You will be left inspired as you read many of the meaningful quotes mentioned in the book.

 Turn Right at Machu Picchu / Mark Adams

In search of Inca ruins while tracing archaeologist Hiram Bigham’s route, Adam’s tale is bought to life in this inspiring book.  It gives many references to places which the ordinary tourist may not encounter and worth taking notes of these places if you are planning a trip to Peru.

Owls of the Eastern Ice / Jonathan C. Slaght

Rather appropriate as the whole world wakes up to the fact many of our wildlife species are becoming extinct.  In the remote regions of the Russian, Chinese and North Korean border of Primorye the Blakiston’s fish owl if going extinct.  Jonathan tells the tail of the time he spends here to secure the survival of this wonderful creature. 



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