The UK experienced some drastic changes to its social regulations during the pandemic this month.  It has meant that many restaurants and bars saw hundreds and thousands of cancellations.  This has also affected those wishing to have gatherings or celebrations. 

The turmoil has been relentless for many consumers and has certainly impacted businesses all over the UK.  But this is a period where everyone needs to collaborate, be creative and work within the ever-changing parameters.  Everyone’s health and safety are of course the paramount importance.  With all this said, last week an event was sprung on The Aspiration Group Events team at a short notice.    

The mission was to accommodate a group of ladies for a 40th birthday celebration which was cancelled due to current Covid19 changing rules.  The task was to stay within the new regulations and ensure the birthday girl was not aware of what was happening.  With just two days before the event the team set off to make this happen and create a memorable event.  The concept was obvious… Personal Social Bubble (which turned out to be literally too) Which means having a gathering with limited number of people within the set rules of the “social bubble” guidelines.  Due to time constraints the team needed full confidence and autonomy by the client. It was all hands-on deck to get this off the ground and turn all the anxiety the client was facing into a magical, memorable experience.  The Aspiration Group is proud in providing bespoke, creative experiences. They make it happen due to the confidence they have from their clients and a superb relationship with business partners that deliver the company’s needs in a timely manner.  Its important to have these relationships and common understanding with brands and consumers to get the task completed within the standards which TAG stipulates and requires.  The event met all the requirements, but most importantly the creativity poured into the venue, the dinner and the over-all experience set the mood for what was set to be a unique and memorable experience.  A dedicate chef set to work creating a sumptuous meal with specially curated cocktails.  Autumn inspired decor turned the bubble tent into an elegant dinner setting, while the music and the bar set the tone for late night fun under the stars, yet in the warmth of the transparent tent.

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