There are those who put up their Christmas decorations up as soon as November begins and there are those who wait for the 24th of December, just like the movies we used to watch as children.  When do you raid the attic, unpack the decorations and turn your home into a Christmas wonderland?  This year it seems many more people have hit to decorating much earlier than usual, cold this be due to the lock down and social distancing we are all facing?

Even with all the uncertainty surrounding this year’s festivities many cities around the World still pull out all stops and adorn their streets and shops with some of the most creative scenes you will see.  Who can forget last years amazing decoration at Liberty’s of London? Some would argue the fact that London has the best festive decorations around, but we take a look at other spots around the World of years gone and share some of the best worth visiting.

London this year as many of its old lights but they are winners in many aspects.  There is a new edition to the Cartier shop.  The famous bow now has a feline friend perched over it.  Carnaby street has its message relevant to the period we are in.  Big question is, will the Connaught Hotel in the heart of Mayfair have malt wine and carols in front of the hotel during December?  Worth a little trip for sure!

Tokyo – Japanese do not technically celebrate Christmas, but in true Japanese style they get into the holiday spirit in a stunning display of lights and design. The decorations and lights are on display until February.

Munich – The whole city is adorned with hundreds and thousands of lights.  Very authentic in style and not to forget the stunning 100-foot-tall Christmas tree at Marienplatz.  The Traditional Christmas markets are alive (exception of this year) and the armour of mulled cider, gingerbread houses are everywhere.   

New York City – From the Rockefeller Center’s famous ice-skating rink to the elaborate window displays of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales this city is vibrant, bright and electrifying.  True style of the big apple and its thirst to do things bigger, better and brighter. 

Medellin (Colombia) – Who would have thought?  But seriously, probably one of the more elaborate display of lights.  These animation of lights in Colombia’s second largest city is famous for its fiesta of lights during the festive season.  Rio Medellin, running down the centre of the city certainly wont disappoint.

Melbourne – Despite being the middle of summer and temperatures not synonymous to the Christmas has not stopped this multi cultured city to lay on a spectacular light display.  The suburb of Ivanhoe usually hosts some of the best illuminations from bouncing kangaroos to candy cane walkways.

We are aware that some of these may be limited this year but in hope that we can all experience them in the future and to give a little extra festive joy to us all by reading.

The Aspiration Group has partnered with Ivy décor to create bespoke Christmas decorations for your home.  We are able to fully plan, design and install.  Creating a magical haven for any home.  The decorations range from elaborate tree set ups, table arrangements to even outdoor décor.  The team are at hand to discuss and create your own bespoke Christmas wonderland.

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