If you are looking for a surreal experience, then one which is probably the oddest is to swim with pigs in the sea.  

By Jeremy Jauncey

Set to the north of the Exuma’s in the Bahama Islands is the white sandy beaches and glassy waters of Big Major Cay.  An uninhabited island forming one of the 365 islands and cays of the Exumas.  Well, when we say uninhabited it could be used loosely.  We should say the unusual residents.  As there are about 20 pigs and piglets roaming around having a jolly good time here.   

No one really knows how these unusual inhabitants got here. But it is thought that they were on a boat which sank year ago intended for consumption but today they thrive on their own little island.  They used to forage in the bushes and shrubs but now they eagerly run like happy puppies to the shore to tourists as boats approach the coastline.  They know too well that they will get treats galore. 

Over time the pigs have become rather famous especially on social media and due to this, time to time the island can get busy with visitors.  But this is certainly an unusual travel experience. If this is on your bucket list and your future travel plans include the Bahamas, then the team at The Aspiration Group can certainly help you plan and make the right arrangements for you. 



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